(1980-1990) Pre-CORE:
Paul and David Kitzmiller worked for their father’s development/construction company; Commercial Industrial Associates, Ltd. They developed commercial office, medical, industrial and multi-family residential properties. In 1985,Paul and David furthered their careers working for some of the cities most well-respected development, brokerage and construction companies.

(May 1, 1990) Company Inception:
Brothers Paul and David were motivated to create lasting partnerships and in turn created CORE Resources, Inc. Their vision to quarterback entire projects from start to finish is what made CORE Resources different and unique in the industry.

(1990-2007) The Early Years:
Paul & David pursued development activities to accumulate an asset base. Applying their vision, they began to form and grow notable relationships locally, regionally and nationally. CORE established themselves as the preferred developer for national retailers securing build to suit, triple net investments. They extended rollouts with Blockbuster & Hollywood Video, Advance Auto Parts, Tire Discounters and Financial branches throughout the United States.

(2008-2010) A Sign of the Times:
The downfall of the economy created an 87% decrease in sales and a 63% drop in employment.

(2010) CORE Re-emerges:
CORE was one of the few companies in the industry to survive the recession. We materialized stronger and healthier with a diversified client base. We evaluated and formulated a different approach focusing on nontraditional financed projects. Further, we focused on hiring the best and brightest in the industry.

(2016) CORE Relocates:
CORE relocates back to its “home” in Anderson Township after a three year stay in OTR. CORE relocated back to its headquarters where they were from 2000-2013. CORE is focused on bringing a “client centric and owner mentality” to each of its clients projects, just as they do their own projects.

(20) CORE Turns 30:
CORE celbrates their 30th Anniversary amongst a global pandemic. We breifly closed our office and transitioned into working from home to help keep our employees and community safe during the peak of the virus.